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Campaign Analytics
Easily identify underperforming campaigns and make data-driven decisions to pause or adjust them, while scaling up successful campaigns for maximum impact. LLime's analytics empowers you to optimize your marketing strategy for better
Unlimited Emails
Unlock unlimited email sending with LLime's powerful platform. Reach your entire audience without constraints, ensuring every lead receives your personalized message. With LLime, the sky's the limit for your email campaigns.
Lead Generation
Revolutionize your lead generation strategy with LLime's AI-powered tool. Our chat-like interface makes it easy for anyone to describe their ideal lead, while LLime's advanced AI generates personalized emails for each lead

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Lead Generation
Email Generation
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us at 
What are credits and what are they used for?
A proper breakdown of the credit system will be given once we launch the credit programme. But credits would be used to generate leads and some other perks.
Who can use the product?
We are trying to make sales as easy as possible. We believe anyone should be able to do sales, hence anyone can use this product. We have a very simplified pipeline and we hope you find it very effective. We have pipelines ranging from beginner to exper
Is there a monthly plan available?
There isn't a monthly plan available yet, there'd only be only lifetime packages at the moment.